Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Golden Arches

I admit it. I did it. I broke down. I succumbed to the pressure of the eyes! Ronald just kept staring at me day in, day out. Every time I walked to work or walked home at night they beckoned me. I couldn't stand it any longer. I ate at McDonalds! (mock weeping)

You have to cut me some slack though. Seriously. I had my reasons. A number of locals have told me that McDonalds in Amman is comparable a nice restaurant. A treat for the palate if you will. My interest was somewhat peaked because a number of these individuals had spent time in the states where they said Mickey-D's was "less than adequate for human consumption." Ok, yes, that's how I described it but they agreed whole-heartedly.

Plus, this particular box shop looked very reputable. It has it's own delivery guys for cryin'-out-loud! That's right, you can order McDonald's delivery here in Jordan. Imagine adding that feature to American fast food. Couch potatoes and college students would no longer be limited to pizza or Chinese food to get their fix. A midnight munchies run would be forgone and much safer because you could stay at home and wait in your hazed stupor until the burgers came to you! The possibilities are endless and...(waking from dream state)... totally sick! This would only necessitate more holes being punched into America's already over-stretched waistband. Please, please, please can nobody get any bright ideas of marketing this idea in the states.

I still couldn't make up my mind though. I kept vacillating between the choice of eating at McDonald's for the experience and the greater-good of the blog or staying strong and not supporting the world's leading advocate of malnutrition. But alas my mind was made up for me before I started my home. It was well after midnight and the streets were deserted. All the shops closed for the night and most souls were already at home enjoying a nice slice of Kunafa or minced meat pie. The darkened streets reminded me of a Clint Eastwood era ghost town, only with an exceedingly strong mid-eastern flare for some reason. I was alone, my stomach was empty, and the Golden Arches shone bright, like a well-lit navigational beacon guiding a wayward sailor to safety.

Ok, I'll cut the quips and get to the chase. I ate there because I was tired after a long day at work, wanted something cheap, quick and easy and I didn't want to work very hard to get something better. It's the same reason why most Americans eat at McDonalds or frequent a brothel.

So, the results of my foray into the netherworld of Jordanized American fast food? Same !&@$, different continent. That's the quick and dirty of it, but I'll admit it, I'll more than likely still grab a large fry every once in a while when I'm feeling particularly home sick or healthy. 

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